Electro Scientific Solutions

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Imaging Sensors in Visual Band: 

  We provide High resolutions, High performance & High format imaging sensors
  from world’s leading manufacturer.



Heating Element:

 Electro- Scientific Solutions provides wide range of heating elements having customized shape, size and mounting arrangements. These heaters make the equipment operable at extremely low temperature.  We provide customized solution for outdoor equipment like camera, PTZ unit & small form factor equipments to make them operational under harsh environment.

Cabling & Connector Solutions:

 Electro- Scientific Solutions offers its clients a vast variety of value-added services,  including procurement and configuration of quality cables, connectors, components &  instruments, both from open distribution lines and custom-tailored to client's project  specifications.

Product Families

Wire-to-board connectors

Input/Output Connectors

Board-to- Board Connectors

Cable Assemblies

Backplane Connectors