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Three levels of ruggedization are available for supporting commercial, extended temperature, and conduction-cooled applications. Products may be air-cooled or conduction-cooled depending on their end application. These levels allow a customer to tailor a solution to their application by selecting the range that best suits their needs for thermal, vibration, shock and performance.

Air-Cooled Products

Commercial products are intended for use in benign operating environments or application development. We offer two levels of air-cooled designs for either standard commercial or extended temperature. Rugged Air-Cooled Level 3 products provide both a wider operating temperature range as well as increased shock and vibration tolerance over Level 1 standard commercial products. 

Conduction-Cooled Products

Conduction-cooled designs are more rugged, with stiffening on the top, bottom, and center of the product. Wedgelocks at the board’s edge provide a stable, low-impedance thermal path and provide mechanical integrity between the board and the chassis. 

Custom Ruggedization Requirements

If an application does not fall into one of these three ruggedization levels, we offers extended temperature, humidity, and vibration screening services. Many military designs, for example, have a -55ºC operational requirement. In the case where screening alone is not practical, Electro Scientific Solutions has experience with heater tapes and other alternative solutions. Optional features, such as conformal coatings, are available.